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Commodore Hong Kong

Amiga Production Line Photos


Taken by Robert Baker in December 1992

I was one of two Commodore test engineering employees sent to Commodore's Hong Kong manufacturing plant in December of 1992 for the pilot production run of the Amiga 600 computer system. This CD contains 20 digitized photos from the manufacturing facility showing the surface mount line, various assembly lines and test equipment as well as the manufacturing engineering office and lab areas. The original photos were shot with a 35mm camera and the prints were then scanned into digital files that are approximately 2900x2000 pixels at 600dpi resolution. I've included a small collage of the entire 20 photo set so you can see what's there. The CD you will receive will contain the 20 original individual files at full resolution.

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If you would like to order the Commodore Hong Kong Photos on CD-ROM, the cost is $4.99 each plus one flat rate shipping charge for any quantity ordered or any mix of my CDs. All Domestic USA orders will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail for $2.75 while all International orders will be shipped via USPS Airmail for $4.75 -- Your total cost will be payable via PayPal to my email account: rbakerpc@gmail.com -- simply click the link below for fast, easy payment via PayPal. For added convenience, multiple items can be ordered together by clicking the bottom button at the left to order via my online storefront.

..... $4.99 each (plus shipping)

Shipping cost is $2.75 for all Domestic USA orders or $4.75 for all International orders -- regardless of quantity or mix of CDs ordered!