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The Commodore CDTV Burn-In #2 Test CD-Rom

Remastered by Robert Baker


I was one of the original authors and creators of the Commodore CDTV Burn-In #2 test CD-ROM (Orange Label) used for production testing in Japan. I recently found my original master CD and will be providing RE-MASTERED copies with a unique LightScribe label as shown by the right CD in the photo. Only 2,000 original copies of this version test CD were ever produced and I had sold a small number of the original CDs on eBay several years ago! This CD-ROM was used to continuously cycle the machines through a predetermined set of tests while the machines were "burned in" after assembly. Additional tests, pictures, utilities, sound tracks, etc. are also included on the disc. Unfortunately no documentation is available.

Just to be clear, you'll be receiving a RE-MASTERED copy of the original CD as shown by the right CD in the photo. The left CD in the photo is my original  master that these new CDs were created from !   If you'd like your re-mastered CD signed, just let me know before it's shipped.

For more information about me personally, my past writing accomplishments and other activities, please check my blog at rbakerpc.blogspot.com  

If you would like to order any re-mastered CDTV Burn-In #2 CD-ROMs, the cost is $14.99 each plus one flat rate shipping charge for any quantity ordered. All Domestic USA orders will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail for $2.75 while all International orders will be shipped via USPS Airmail for $4.75 -- Your total cost will be payable via PayPal to my email account: rbakerpc@gmail.com -- simply click the link below for fast, easy payment via PayPal. For added convenience, multiple items can be ordered together by clicking the bottom button at the left to order via my online storefront.

..... $14.99 each (plus shipping)

Shipping cost is $2.75 for all Domestic USA orders or $4.75 for all International orders -- regardless of quantity ordered!